Sailboat Charter

In particular, the growth of recreational sailing has contributed to the popularity of sailboat chartering. With your loved ones, you can have a more active and private trip. With a charter boat from Basement Sailboat, you may discover the bays along your route, take in the clear waters, and improve your sailing skills.

With Sailboat Charter Gocek, you can take advantage of summer vacations and short breaks in the city. When compared to alternative vacation options, renting a sailboat has several benefits for you. You don’t have to live in a five-star hotel to enjoy nature; you may do so in unspoiled bays. Before boarding the ship, you can shop on your own and enjoy the best food and beverages. You can enjoy a relaxing vacation with just a few t-shirts and swimsuits/bikinis.


  • Base: Bodrum
  • Berths: 12
  • Price: €6,750 / Day

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  • Base: Muğla
  • Berths: 6
  • Price: €800 / Day

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