Bodrum Yacht Charter

Explore this unique peninsula on a charter boat.

Bodrum is one of the most potential holiday destinations in Turkey and one of the local and foreign stories of the summer season will not be boring. It is one of the most frequented stops of Bodrum not only in summer but in spring and autumn. You can say hello to summer with a little warmth in the spring, then spend your son’s summer vacation within the confines of a cool breeze.

If you decide to spend a holiday in Bodrum, you can stay in a luxury hotel, sunbathe on the beach, watch the vast sea and sky, explore the underwater world, visit historical places, museums and shopping centers for a vibrant nightlife. . Another option is to rent a boat. Bodrum boat holidays are an ideal holiday option for those who want to explore its uniquely beautiful bays and experience the sea, sand and sun trio in the best way.

You can enjoy the sea in Bodrum Bay, where blue and green abound. When you decide to take a blue cruise in Bodrum, you can drink coffee, read a book and swim in the cool waters of the unique bay warmed by the sun.

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You can experience various activities in Bodrum

During your blue cruise in Bodrum, you can enjoy diving, water sports and windsurfing as well as resting your soul. While the most beautiful diving spots in Bodrum are Karaada-Kaçakçı Bay, Karaada-Delikli Cave and Karaada-Aksona Cape, the best places for windsurfing are Bitez and Akyaka.

You can visit the famous Bodrum Bay, which cannot be reached by road.

You will visit many coves during your boat trip from Bodrum. Some of these bays can be reached by land, while others can only be reached by sea. During the blue cruise, you can spend a peaceful holiday away from the crowds in these inaccessible bays.

You can make short trips to the archaeological sites of the bays you visit.

Bodrum is located in a historical region that has historically been home to the Persian, Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman empires. Wherever you go, you can find traces of history. By going ashore, you can visit the ruins of these civilizations and have a good time with a short excursion. For example; If you want to take a blue cruise holiday on the Bodrum-Göcek-Bodrum route, you can visit the ancient city of Dalyan, Bozukkale, the Byzantine monastery Yasika ruins, the ancient city of Rhodes Knidos, the ancient city. advanced scientific, artistic and architectural civilization in antiquity. You can visit.

You can choose from different boat types

When you decide to rent a boat in Bodrum, you have many options. Bodrum motor yacht charter is usually the first choice for those who do not have time or cannot enjoy the speed of the sea. Bodrum charter flights are popular with domestic and foreign tourists. Enjoy a unique holiday experience in Bodrum’s natural wonder bay and taste the traditional Turkish gulf. Bodrum sailboat charter is the first choice for those who want to practice sailing and rent an affordable boat. With yacht charter options in Bodrum, you can both enjoy your holiday and experience sailing. Bodrum catamaran rental is generally the first choice of those who want to have a comfortable and wide holiday.