• Base: Turkey
  • Berths: 12
  • Price: €8,000 / Day

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  • Base: Turkey
  • Berths: 12
  • Price: €17,500 / Day

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  • Base: Göcek
  • Berths: 12
  • Price: €1,250 / Day

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  • Base: Bodrum
  • Berths: 10
  • Price: $1,500 / Day

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  • Base: Muğla
  • Berths: 10
  • Price: $1,750 / Day

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  • Base: Bodrum
  • Berths: 14
  • Price: $1,250 / Day

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Motor Yacht

  • Base: Göcek
  • Berths: 4
  • Price: €750 / Day

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Boat Rental in Antalya

Turkey Private Charter Boats & Yachts

Turquoise blue sea, solar caressing your skin, great pine forests, untouched coves, specific tastes of Mediterranean delicacies, and geography that smells of records…

There are limitless motives so one can go to Turkey. Çatalhöyük, the oldest acknowledged agreement withinside the world, Troy witnessing the affection of Helen and Paris, Istanbul, the capital of 3 splendid empires that dominated the sector, the historical towns of Bergama and Ephesus, which might be on the sector history list, the Lycian avenue, one of the world`s maximum well-known hiking tracks, and the sector`s maximum well-known hiking trails. Many historic and herbal beauties, including Ölüdeniz, selected for the most lovely seaside, are in Turkey.

Turkey is likewise very well-known for Turkey Yacht Charter and boat tours. Due to its indented structure, Turkey`s Aegean and Mediterranean coasts are appropriate for yacht tourism. This location is domestic to Göcek, Bodrum, and Marmaris, which might be a number of the primary locations that come to mind when boat tourism starts in Europe.

Turkey’s Gulet constitution is one of the high-satisfactory alternatives for a blue cruise. You can go to many bays that can not be reached through avenues by boat, and you may take swimming breaks in those specific bays and experience the clean waters. While sipping your Turkish espresso towards the sunset, you may have exceptional moments by looking at the reflections of blue, inexperienced, and brown tones in nature; at the same time as drowsing on the deck at night, you may matter the celebrities and awaken to a brand new day together along with your saved strength withinside the morning.

Historic locations close to the seaside at some point during the boat excursion

Turkey has hosted many civilizations on record because of its geographical location. Some civilizations have been mounted at Anatolia’s Aegean and Mediterranean coasts.

For this reason, there are various archaeological stays and plenty of historical towns belonging to Anatolian, Ancient Greek, and Roman civilizations in its bays and excursion lodges. You can go to this geography witnessing records by renting a Turkey Yacht Charter; You can get the possibility to take a quick journey to the past.

Upload motion on your boat excursion by acting in many extraordinary sports

In the bays in which you are taking a swimming break, you may cross ashore and do sports inclusive of hiking and paragliding, or you may experience extraordinary water sports activities inclusive of diving, snorkeling, windsurfing, and canoeing.

After a hectic day, you may have a higher concept approximately Turkish flavor through experiencing new tastes in the eating places within the excursion lodges you visit. After tasting the specific flavors of Turkish delicacies, a synthesis of Anatolian, Mediterranean, and Middle Eastern cuisines, you may experience active nightlife.

With Turkey Gulet Charter Option, You Can Experience a Blue Cruise in the Comfort of a Hotel.

Turkish gulets that have been used for fishing and load transportation in shallow waters for centuries, at the moment, are used for blue cruise holidays. Recently, Turkish gulets ready with new technology and organized the use of contemporary-day substances and finer craftsmanship are chartered with a captain and team. In gulets, the team is answerable for the control and control of the boat, meal guidance, and service. Thus, all you need to do at some point during your excursion is to experience the specific herbal beauties and clean waters of the Turkish Aegean and the jap Mediterranean.

Enjoy Speed ​​and Comfort with Turkey Private Motor Yacht Charter Option.

With its marinas and constitution, we offer the best service, Turkey Yacht Charter is one of the proper addresses for non-public yacht constitution. If you need to spend a cushy excursion or go to extraordinary excursion lodges for your confined time, you may discover the virgin bays of the Aegean and Mediterranean and swim withinside the turquoise waters with the non-public motor yacht constitution option.

One of the Best Places for Chartering a Boat without a Captain in Turkey

Turkey is one of the high-satisfactory addresses for boat constitution without a captain. The Aegean and Mediterranean Seas, inland seas, provide appropriate surroundings for beginner sailors to exercise and enjoy their sheltered bays and calm waters. If you’ve got the specified worldwide maritime certificates and captainship enjoy, you may constitution a ship without a captain. Thus, you may freely wander withinside the astounding bays of the Aegean and Mediterranean Seas and sail to many beauties ready to be discovered.

Turkey Boat Charter Routes

As it’s far acknowledged, the blue voyage; is an excursion that lasts four or 7 days, relying on preference, which lets you discover the lovely bays of the Aegean and Mediterranean by renting a non-public boat. The maximum vital factor of the blue voyage is figuring out the path and making the cruise plan. In this section, we’ve decided on your maximum favored blue cruise routes.

1. Bodrum – Gokova – Bodrum

It is an exceptionally favored boat apartment path that begins off evolved in Bodrum and leads to Bodrum. This path, which affords an exciting yacht excursion through integrating with the ocean and nature, takes a minimum of four and, at most, eight days. Bodrum – Gökova – Bodrum path, Orak Island, Seven Islands, Sedir Island, Cleopatra Beach, Kargılı and Mansion. It affords the possibility of discovering the coves. By deciding on this path, it’s far more viable to go to historic locations and swim in several of Turkey`s maximum lovely bays.

2. Fethiye – Marmaris – Fethiye

It is a two-manner yacht constitution path beginning from Fethiye or Marmaris. It takes four days one manner and seven days each way. It is one of the maximum exciting blue cruise routes, as swimming breaks and water sports activities sports may be performed withinside the bays in Fethiye Bay and Göcek. In addition, on this path, it’s far viable to go to Ekincik Bay, a well-known bay, the historical town of Kaunos across the delta fashioned through the Dalyan River, and the rock tombs of the Carians.

3. Marmaris – Datça – Marmaris

This boat condominium route, which begins off evolved in Marmaris and results in Marmaris, takes about one week. On this blue cruise, except taking part in the ocean and the sun, journeying Çiftlik Bay, Karacasöğüt, Okluk (English Harbour), Çökertme, Bozuk Castle (Ancient Loryma), Kocaada, Datça, Kızılada, Kadırga, Kumlubük, and Karya location and journeying the historical town of Knidos.

4. Fethiye – Kekova – Fethiye

This yacht constitution route, which may be carried out for 7 days or more, begins off evolved from Fethiye and results in Fethiye. Famous locations, including Ölüdeniz and Gemiler Island, may be visible on this route. In addition, you could go to Kalkan and Kaş to peer the Sunken City of Kekova, visit Simena (Kaleköy) to observe an impressive sunset, go to the Santa Claus Church and the Ancient City of Myra with an excursion prepared in Demre Çayağzı.

If you want to create your boat holiday route, you can visit our Routes page.

Turkey Private Yacht Charter & Yacht Charter Prices

Boatsy simplifies the boat condominium procedure and lets you make your reservations easily and safely. In this way, you could wander freely withinside the impressive bays of the Aegean and Mediterranean Seas and witness the beauties of those bays ready to be discovered.

Turkey Yacht Charter gives very less costly possibilities withinside the subject of tourism. The cheap carrier sector, final minute reductions, and locally-constructed gulets provide particular possibilities